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At South Mason Dentistry, we believe the key to good oral health is preventive care. Your continued care visit includes a complete oral examination with necessary x-rays, cancer screening and thorough cleaning of the teeth.  

We also work with you as a team rather than just tell you what to do.  We focus on YOUR goals and together we can improve your oral health and overall health in many cases.  

We will assess risks for dental decay, gum disease and check your bite analysis.  All of these measures ensure that no dental diseases are left untreated and help us personalize preventive programs for your specific goals and needs.  


A healthy and happy mouth is based on proper function.  We use non-toxic top of the line materials to restore any decayed, broken, or missing teeth.  We believe in minimally invasive dentistry and preserve your natural teeth as much as possible while removing any dental disease.  Our goal is to give you back a balanced bite and the full function of your teeth so you can enjoy your favorite food and drinks for years to come!


Gums are like the foundation for your teeth. Gum damage, infection or gum disease if left untreated can be very serious and may cause irreversible bone loss or ultimately tooth loss.  The same blood that flows in the body also flows in the mouth, gum disease is linked to many systemic diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, etc. Our periodontal program assesses the risks for gum disease and based on a thorough exam of your gums we make certain to keep you smiling with healthy gums!


Cosmetic dentistry can be truly transforming!  If you are self-conscious about your smile, let us help you achieve your ideal vision and look while preserving the health of your teeth.  We also offer in-office and take-home tooth whitening solutions based on your specific needs!

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